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The Playbook For Success

Often times we place our self-worth and value into external expectations such as playing time, stats, grades, other peoples opinions that we lose site of just how powerful we actually are. This message helps coaches create an environment that allows their athletes to work through their stuff and ultimately perform better. Athletes and students will have the opportunity to gain tools that shape more than their performance but their identity and their future.

"Coach Carter was absolutely amazing! She spoke an amazing word to our student-athletes. Her message didn't just touch the hearts of our student-athletes, but also our staff!"
Vanessa M.
Organization Director

Audience Members Will:

Gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for their individual strengths and differences while recognizing that everyone is unique, valuable, and enough just as they are, regardless of their performance.

Gain practical skills that help cultivate an identity that allows them to show up authentically in who they are while also creating a safe environment for their teammates and others to be able to do the same.

Develop the strategies necessary to help eliminate self-doubt that gets in the way of their self-belief so that they can unlock the potential that gives them the courage to perform at their best.

"The Playbook for Success" IS perfect for:

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