The Playbook for Success Podcast

Arming Coaching with the Communication, Leadership Skills, and Confidence they need to succeed. Developing Team Cultures where Athletes Compete and Play at their best!

The Playbook for Success is a podcast that equips coaches/leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to create both a competitive and highly motivated environment for their athletes/staff.

Through our 5 Star Athlete Framework, our interview discussions with current and former athletes, coaches, and leaders, and through the experience of Coach Ashley Carter, every episode will surely leave you with the desire to become the best version of a leader or team that you can be.

Featured Episodes

Give Them the Standard but Let Them Raise the Bar

Skyler Shaw is a senior outfielder at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. With her experience as an elite athlete competing at the highest levels, she has a lot of amazing stories and advice for athletes and coaches of all levels.

Coaching is a Calling that isn't Just a Gamechanger but a Life Changer

We get the opportunity to sit down and talk to former Division 1 Coach and Current Head Softball Coach of Goodpasture Christian High School. She is the true definition of a relationship coach.

Blending Old School with New School for a Greater Impact

From her playing experience to our journey to where she is today, Miranda Rodriguez is a  wealth of knowledge and perspective is unlike any other.