Meet Your Coach

Ashley Carter

As a seasoned team-building and leadership expert with 18 years of coaching and mentoring experience, Ashley empowers leaders and athletes to unlock their inner tools for success.

building Championship Cultures

Coach Ashley Carter’s mission is to equip individuals with identity, confidence, and mental skills, extending beyond the game to conquer life’s challenges. Drawing from personal struggles, Coach Carter inspires others to recognize their strengths and value, break free from external expectations, and achieve higher levels of performance on their own terms.

Out of 8 Billion People in the World, there is only 1 of you, which makes you unique, valuable, and enough.

At the core of Coach Ashley’s philosophy are values that resonate deeply with her mission:

Professional Development for Teachers and Schools


Through her compelling talks, Coach Ashley goes beyond the surface of athletics to address the deeper layers of identity, self-worth, and personal growth. She challenges the notion that success is solely defined by external metrics, urging coaches and athletes to tap into their inner power and resilience.

Attendees leave her sessions feeling empowered, motivated, and equipped with practical tools to navigate life's challenges with confidence and self-belief.


As a leadership consultant, Coach Ashley specializes in helping coaches develop environments that foster connection, trust, and productivity within their teams. By addressing key pillars such as communication, accountability, mentality, and competitiveness, she empowers coaches to shape not only their players' performance but their identity and future. Participants are empowered to lead authentically, inspired to drive positive change in their programs, and equipped with the tools to navigate their leadership journey with confidence.

Whether you're seeking to inspire greatness in your team or unlock your full potential as an athlete or leader, Coach Ashley Carter is your partner in success. Join her in reshaping the narrative of leadership and performance, one empowered individual at a time.